Elizabeth Beall

Director of Advisory

Elizabeth joined Finance Earth in 2022 as a Director of Advisory.

Elizabeth co-leads Finance Earth’s investment advisory work. She is a specialist in nature-based solutions and climate finance, and has worked in an advisory capacity providing insight on project design, feasibility, and investment models across a range of sectors and geographies for more than 15 years.

Elizabeth has worked for a range of institutions, from non-profit organisations to development finance institutions in the fields of sustainable finance and sustainable development. Most recently, she advised corporates and investors interested in engaging in nature-based solutions and carbon markets, and historically advised senior positions in the UN on developing normative guidance for investment frameworks and criteria for assessing impact against the Sustainable Development Goals. Elizabeth has worked extensively across emerging economies as well as in direct engagement in the UK, Europe, and the US.

Elizabeth is a Fulbright Scholar and has published research on engaging local communities, including indigenous peoples, in climate finance and nature-based solutions. Elizabeth holds a Master’s degree in Commerce and Administration from Victoria University of Wellington, and a Bachelor’s in International Relations and International Business from Northeastern University.