Finance Earth works with partners to carefully design and structure bespoke funding models that deliver for nature and the communities that depend on it. We use a range of capital blending strategies to ensure optimum risk-return profiles to unlock high-quality environmental projects.


Finance Earth works in close partnerships to design and structure bespoke funding models that deliver deep impact and compelling returns for investors.

Our team focuses on high-quality, high-impact propositions, with extensive experience of designing and structuring over £200 million of “deep impact” environmental funds. We utilise a range of capital blending strategies to ensure optimum risk-return profiles that deliver for nature and for investors.

We currently manage over £50 million of assets for environmental and social benefit.

As an FCA-regulated fund manager, we are equipped to support investment programmes from fund design, structuring and fundraising, through the investment lifecycle to exit. We are committed to managing our impact funds for the benefit of nature, communities and for investors.

Investment management services

Through our investment advisory work, we aim to create bespoke environmental impact funding mechanisms, targeting models that can be scaled or replicated. We work with our partners to carefully design evidence led strategies, always seeking to tailor funds to investee needs, ensuring strategies are robust and deliver maximum environmental impact and fair returns to investors. We leverage our networks to fundraise and launch impactful investment products with aligned investors.

Our expert team provides best-in-class investment management services for the funding models that we create. We have a unique set of in-house skills and experience, delivering full front office and back office functions, to manage and administer regulated funds to maximise environmental, social and financial outcomes.

Our investment management is informed and reinforced by our advisory services, enabling us continuously refine and develop more impactful strategies. We operate long-term solutions that focus on quality and impact over opportunistic, short-term approaches.

Our expertise includes:
– Proposition mapping and investment strategies
– Fund structuring and design (including “blended” and “aligned” structures)
– Origination and pipeline management
– Capital raising and investor management
– Fund management and investment execution
– Regulatory administration and operations
– Fund governance, impact and performance monitoring and reporting
– Execution: creating specialist investment teams and corporate governance

Our funds

Blue Impact Fund

The Blue Impact Fund is a pioneering impact investment fund for the UK’s sustainable blue economy, created in partnership with WWF-UK. The Blue Impact Fund seeks to generate compelling returns and deliver ocean recovery and resilience through investment in the sustainable seafood and aquatic plants sector.

The Blue Impact Fund has been created alongside an aligned charity, the Ocean Recovery Trust, that will work to restore ocean health by funding innovation, capacity building, and marine conservation programmes.

CORE Partners

Community Owned Renewable Energy LLP (CORE Partners) is a £50 million investment programme targeting operational, ground-mounted solar farms in England, with the aim of transitioning these assets to community ownership while maximising the financial, environmental and social impact.

CORE Partners has c. 40MW of solar assets under management, and is projected to generate millions of pounds in anticipated community benefit funds to support impactful local projects.


PICNIC is the first impact investment fund focused on urban parks and green spaces in England, seeking to unlock the potential in mission-driven social enterprises operating from park-based sites.

PICNIC is a pioneering partnership between Finance Earth and the National Trust, and is funded by the Access Foundation through the National Lottery Community Fund and Big Society Capital. As a result of extensive learning from PICNIC’s first year, and in consultation with our partners, PICNIC is undergoing a redesign to ensure that it can fully support capacity building in the parks sector.