About us

We are a mission-driven social enterprise, working in partnership with world leading environmental organisations to protect and restore nature utilising market based mechanisms and implementing bespoke financial tools. We help create projects – and the investment vehicles to fund them – that balance positive outcomes for nature, communities and investors.


The restoration and security of our planet – and the people on it – requires the development, support and maintenance of systems that provide an equitable, harmonious, and sustainable distribution of resources. Finance Earth exists to meet this need.

Massive behavioural change is needed at a societal, governmental, corporate and household level, and we know that finance is a powerful tool to make it happen.

We work in partnership with project developers, government, businesses and enablers to create investable environmental and social projects. At the same time, we work with a range of investors to structure financial products that can accelerate delivery of the right capital to the right activity.

We believe that change is possible, that problems can be solved, people can do better, and structures and systems can be evolved and challenged given sufficient commitment. Ours is a unique proposition, with an impressive track record of delivering results that work on the ground, not just in theory.

Our offering

Finance Earth provides a range of corporate finance advisory and fund management services across the natural and built environment.

  • We provide a range of market research, investment, cost modelling, structuring, strategy and fund delivery services to some of the largest environmental organisations in the UK and internationally.
  • We work with private, public and charitable sector organisations to design high-impact, investable projects that serve to enhance natural assets or improve the sustainability of the built environment.
  • We build relationships with impact driven investors to understand their investment needs and work to develop products that work for investors and for nature.


We have the leading UK track record of designing combined environmental and social impact funds.

Our team has designed over
£500 million of impact investment structures.

We currently manage over £50 million of blended or aligned social and environmental impact funds.

We have strong stakeholder relationships with leading environmental organisations.

We are a wholly employee-owned social enterprise, with 51% of profits being recycled in on-mission activities and investments.

We have extensive experience in both innovative financing and natural capital asset management.

Our clients

Our people

The Finance Earth team brings a wealth of experience from the investment, renewable energy, asset management and social impact sectors. While we are a diverse group with a variety of skills and experiences, we share our passion for protecting and restoring the natural world.

The board

James Alexander

Chair, Executive Director

Karen Dolenec

Non-Executive Director

Kerry ten Kate

Non-Executive Director

Oliver Gregson

Non-Executive Director

Richard Speak

Co-Founder and Managing Director

James Mansfield

Co-Founder and Managing Director

The team

Elizabeth Beall

Managing Director

Craig Humphrey

Risk and Compliance Director

Gail Hurley

Director of Advisory

Alice Millest

Investment Director

Richard Fitton


Alicia Gibson

Senior Associate Director

Doug Hull

Associate Director

Katherine Tubb

Associate Director

Yann Grandemange

Senior Associate

Caleb Wheeler-Robinson

Senior Associate

Alex Hume

Senior Associate

Sanne van der Meer

Senior Associate

Paveen Ghalay


Charlie Helsby


Martha Pybus


Oli Peacock


Sarah Darrah


Allan Benhamou


Sanchi Gupta


Anna Halliday

Senior Analyst

Fraser O'Halloran

Senior Analyst

Daisy Bidault


Will Parsons


Scott Mitchell


Katey Valentine


André Sarvarian

Senior Consultant

Marianne Pearson

HR & Operations

Lia O'Rourke

PA to the Directors

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