Finance Earth provides independent, specialist advice to public, private and charitable sector clients in the UK and internationally. We help to protect and restore the environment through market-based approaches, creating financing tools to deliver and scale solutions for nature, communities and investors.


Finance Earth provides independent, specialist advice to public, private and charitable sector clients in the UK and internationally. We help to protect and restore the environment through market based approaches, creating financing tools to deliver and scale solutions for nature, communities and investors.

We recognise the critical importance of capacity and knowledge building. We actively develop cross-sector, trusted partnerships, and work to help our partners to better understand and harness opportunities for the benefit of the planet.

We apply an evidence-led approach to create pioneering, scalable models, recognising that the natural environment does not always fit into traditional investment structures. Our broad expertise is underpinned with a deep and practical understanding of finance and impact investing.

Market analysis and solutions

We engage with policymakers, investors and leading NGOs to conduct proprietary market research and analysis in order to better understand environmental markets.

This work aims to build evidence and expertise, at both market and project levels, to identify policy and capital interventions to accelerate growth. We aim to unlock opportunities that create value and mobilise investment into nature, but also work to identify tools for growing the sector where financing is not appropriate.

We seek to uncover near-term opportunities and establish key drivers for developing practical solutions, giving our team a unique insight into the barriers and enablers to investment in nature.

Our expertise includes:

  • Proprietary research and stakeholder engagement
  • Market data and investment analysis
  • Natural capital data and nature-based solutions analysis
  • Design of market interventions and capacity building strategies

Partner building

We recognise that we can’t create and grow new investment markets alone. We work with partners to build capacity within the sector, sharing knowledge and expertise through targeted training programmes and engagement.

We aim to build financial understanding within the conservation sector and conservation understanding within the investment sector. Applying thoughtful strategy to our capacity building programmes, we help our partners to build resilience and adapt to new delivery models, optimising the benefits from the transition to environmental sustainability.

Our expertise includes:

  • Capacity and needs assessments
  • Financial strategy and capability building
  • Team development and organisational strategy
  • On- and off-balance sheet financing strategies
  • Corporate development strategy
  • Financial and corporate governance


Finance Earth led the delivery of the Wildlife Trusts’ Investible Landscapes project in 2020, providing a clear and comprehensive introduction to 150 of our staff about fundamentals of finance, and opportunities for investment in UK landscapes. Their delivery of this programme demonstrated their extensive expertise as an environmental impact investment adviser, which was invaluable in helping the Wildlife Trusts begin to develop and finance landscape-scale projects.

Prue Addison Conservation Strategy Director at Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire Wildlife Trust

Investment Advisory

Our specialist team has over £1 billion of collective corporate finance experience across a wide range of transactions, including mergers and acquisitions, debt structuring and impact investment.

We apply rigour, logic, and an agile approach to creating deliverable solutions. Our focus is on natural capital, renewables and clean tech, drawing on technical data informed by real-world engagement and practical knowhow to create robust investment models that work for nature, communities and investors.

Our expertise includes:
Corporate finance

  • Financial and cashflow analysis
  • Origination, pipeline management and deal structuring
  • Project finance and balance sheet risk management
  • Debt and equity structuring
  • Capital raising
  • Investor due diligence
  • Mergers and Acquisitions (sell-side and buy-side)
  • Investment fund structuring, fundraising and management

Impact finance

  • Blended finance structuring, funds and transactions
  • Concessionary finance (first-loss capital and guarantees)
  • Revenue-share products
  • Impact bonds (outcomes payment instruments)
  • Creation of novel financial products

Thematic strategy and finance

  • Financing for nature-based solutions and novel revenue models
  • Decarbonisation strategy and financing
  • Carbon credit strategy and financing (sell-side and buy-side)

Case study

Financing Compensatory Habitat for Cirl Buntings in south Devon

The Problem:
Cirl Bunting Under Threat

  • The cirl bunting is a farmland bird that has been under threat from agricultural intensification.
  • Its range is now limited to the south Devon coast, where RSPB has led a recovery programme working with farmers to stabilise its population for ~25 years. But this habitat is now under pressure from housing development.
  • As a UK priority species, Teignbridge District Council required developers of sites that impact on cirl bunting territories to provide financial contributions for delivering compensatory habitat.
  • However, payments are received either during construction or after sale of the housing, so habitat is usually provided after loss.

The Solution:
Purchase of Compensatory Habitat

  • RSPB identified an opportunity to deliver compensatory habitat prior to loss by purchasing part of an operational farm.
  • Teignbridge District Council agreed to fund the purchase using future projected section 41 income under a delivery contract with RSPB.
  • Finance Earth acted as exclusive investment advisor to RSPB on raising finance from a commercial lender to acquire the farm.
  • The loan capital will be repaid over a 5 year period as section 41 income is received. Interest payments are part covered by the rental income from the tenant farmer.
  • This structure creates a self-funding habitat for cirl buntings into the future, creating added benefits for bats, harvest mice and rare arable plants as well.



Case study

Fund Design – Blue Impact

Finance Earth and WWF collaborated from 2018 to 2021 to explore opportunities for attracting investment into ocean recovery.

Building on this partnership, Finance Earth created the Blue Impact Investment Strategy (formerly the Blue Impact Fund), a pioneering impact strategy investing in the UK sustainable blue economy.

The Blue Impact Investment Strategy will target enterprises producing sustainable seafood and aquatic plants that can generate attractive returns while delivering ocean resilience and recovery.

This strategy will be delivered through the UK Nature Impact Fund.

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